Monday, March 5, 2012


The older two boys are playing basketball this season. It has been interesting. :) Both are brand new to the sport. Both love it. Both have improved drastically since day one.

Noah is on a team of about 10 kids, so not as much playing time. He's still so young and the ball is so big in his little hands. When it's called "developmental basketball," that's what it is…he is developing the skills to play. It's pretty fun to watch!

Drew is on a team of 7, so he is on the court probably 85% of a game. He is also the most aggressive defensive player on his team, so the coach keeps him out there a lot. In practice, the boy shoots non-stop, and usually makes it in the hoop. But during games, he focuses most on defense and when he gets the ball, he passes it to a teammate. His team is comprised mostly of girls. All of the other teams are amazing and seem to have been playing for quite some time. They do drills and set up plans and can do lay-ups. It's quite impressive what some of these kids can do at such a young age. As in soccer, Drew improves each game. It's fun to watch him "develop" in this support and to enjoy what he is doing. Never once has he been discouraged that his team has lost every game. That's my boy!

The cute little spectators. :) The nice thing about playing basketball at our gym is that when the little ones get restless, I bus them on over to the childcare!

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