Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ninety Years Young

My Granny turned 90 back in January. Wow. To be 90 and live a full life with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who love you and adore you. I can only hope and pray I make it to that day. For me, that will be December 20, 2067.

For her birthday, I gave Granny a gift card, but to me, I wanted to do more. I wanted to let her know how special she is to me and the impact she had on my life. I wrote her a letter. It was long. But it hit on who she is to me and how her role as my "Granny" shaped me. It was fun for me to write, to reminisce on my childhood and the experiences we had, the things she taught me, the words she used to encourage me. My Granny is one of the absolute strongest, bravest, most genuine women I know.

For her birthday, my aunts and my mom threw Granny a huge surprise birthday party. Apparently at some point over the past few months Granny mentioned that she would love to have all of her family in the same place. This is no easy feat, as we are spread out all over the country. But my aunt and my mom went with it…and they accomplished it! Granny was shocked when she walked in her church's gym and all of her friends and family were there shouting "Happy Birthday!" The look of confusion on her face was priceless. Poor Granny thought that she was heading up to the church to have her picture taken for the directory. {Brilliant plan to get her up there…looking her best!} Never did she expect to see my uncle and his family from Arizona; my cousin who lives in California; my brother from Arkansas with his barely 2-week old son; my other brother from Louisiana; or our clan from Colorado. Never did she expect to see her sister from Austin; her nieces and nephews from all areas of Texas. Never did she expect to see an amazing slide show of her life that her oldest son put together for her…honoring her for the woman she is. Never did she imagine the thought and planning and work put into the center pieces that my cousin put together…absolutely beautiful. Never did she expect beautiful cakes to share with her guests. No, that sunny January morning she woke up, had a leisure morning at home, dressed nicely for her picture for the church directory, then left the house for the biggest surprise of her life.

The rest of that weekend we spent hours over at Granny's house…all of us. What a precious time we had…to be all together. I loved every second of it.

Happy Birthday, Granny. I love you and treasure you more than you will ever know.

{My Mom and My Granny…two of my most favorite, inspiring women ever}

{Look at this room full of people…family and friends}

{The great-grandchildren had a blast playing together!}

{There are more pictures out there…pictures of all the grandkids together and all of the
great-grandkids. I just don't have those! }

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