Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Noah and the Homeless

Somehow on the way home from dinner, Noah started talking about taking people food. Not sure why or where this idea came from, but I just went with it. I told him that in downtown Colorado Springs there were lots of people who don't have food...or homes. Noah, with his tender, sweet, heart immediately started throwing out ways to help these people. Here are some of his ideas:
  • Build them a house...Drew blew that one when he told Noah houses cost money.
  • Gather sticks and put them together to make a house...that's free, right?
  • They could walk out of downtown to different neighborhoods and find a house to live in...sounds like squatting to me!
  • They could get with other people who don't have homes and all live together; that way they would all have a family and not be lonely.
  • They could go to church and ask Jesus in their heart and never be lonely again.
Out of the mouths of babes, huh? I love Noah. I love the way he thinks and the way he process and the way he wants the best for everyone. I never want him to lose that...

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