Monday, May 7, 2012

Rest and Relaxation

Today is May 7th...and as I'm sitting at Michael's desk in the study -- with the blinds open wide -- I see the trees in full bloom; lawns with fresh cut GREEN grass; and snow falling in huge, clumpy, sticky, wet flakes.  That's right...snow.  In May.  And I actually love it.  I love days like today when the sun has not poked through the dense clouds; where the temperature has not hit 50; where I've been able to stay home all day and slowly sip two cups of tea {I have up coffee last Monday}, clean my entire first floor, wash every piece of laundry that belongs to the six of us -- plus every dirty towel, rag, bath rug, and beach towel {yep...from playing the sprinklers on wasn't snowing then}.  Today has been relaxing, yet productive.  Busy, yet completely fulfilling.  Calm, even in the midst of our two youngest.  

This weekend was a lot like today...  Calm, relaxing, fun.  Not much on the agenda....enough to not be bored, not too much to feel overwhelmed.  On Saturday morning, my friend Kim created her own 5 mile race.  :)  So a group of us headed to the Santa Fe trail for our 5 mile run in the sun.  Drew decided on Thursday that he would run with me!  And boy did that kid run!!!  

Here is our group before the start of the race....

And we're off!!  

Drew took off and ran the first two miles at lightning speed!  Seriously.  
But he runs distance like he runs sprints and wore out pretty fast. 

Dani, Ruff, and I trying to keep up with Drew!

The cutest spectators ever!

I guess this is how they spent their time while we were running!

Drew is crossing the finish line!  His first 5 mile run and finished in about an hour!  Way to go, son!

Noah ran the last two miles with us!

Here comes the stragglers!

Look at how cute Ruff is with his ears flapping in the wind!

What a great race!!! And a great weekend!  And a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun for all. Interested to hear about the coffee? LoveMomF