Friday, July 13, 2012

Another year gone by...

Drew turns EIGHT today.  Eight.  How in the world has it been eight years?  Goodness!!!

Seven was a great year for Drew…  Yesterday we were pondering the year he was wrapping up.  

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Drew got "big" teeth!
  • Drew learned how to ride his bike!
  • Drew climbed three 14ers this year {Pike's Peak -- Gray's Peak -- Torrey's Peak}!
  • Drew learned how to read really well!
  • Drew ran a five mile race!
…I'm sure there are sooooooo many more highlights, but these are a few of his favorites!

I'm so blessed to be the Mom of this boy.  He is wise, kind, tender-hearted, loving, obedient, and fun.  He loves adventure--hiking, climbing, running, sports, and riding his bike.  

My absolute favorite thing about my Drew is his heart.  He has a heart for the Lord, a heart for serving, a heart for loving.  I am truly blessed by this kid.

Thank you, sweet Lord, for my Drew.  Thank you for choosing me to be his Mom and to raise him up in You.  Thank you for creating him the way you have…inside and out.  Thank you for the character traits you gave him.  Thank you for knowing him and creating him and loving him.  


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a very special boy. Love his smile. Love so much more about him. Happy Birthday, Drew! From Grandma

Lauren said...

Love all of this :).