Monday, July 2, 2012

This little one of mine...

Sweet Lindley…just a few days old...
 Many of you know that our Lindley was the surprise of our lives.  We weren't planning on having a fourth, and when I found out I was pregnant for that final time, I was shocked.  Fast forward to her birth…I remember Michael choking up in the OR as the doctor prompted him to tell me that she was a girl.  I remember feeling like a little girl changes everything…and I was so used to my boys that I had no idea how to even begin being the Mommy of a little girl.  But as always, the Lord know what is best, and He knew just what this family of boys needed.

As we adjusted to bows and pink, we learned how to love our sweet Lindley.  We learned that she is different, and from the get go there have been such distinct gender differences with our princess.  The boys were instantly protective of her.  Michael and Lindley quickly formed the sweetest Father/Daughter bond…but we still commented often on how different she was…often calling her a little alien in our home!

Now that our Lindley is older, I just stare at her and wonder what is next.  She is fiercely independent, very opinionated, sweet as can be {most of the time!}, and beautiful.  She loves her brothers, often claiming possession over them {…my Noah…my Drew…my Isaac…}.  

I look at her and wonder how do I shape her heart to be one that follows after God with everything within her?  How do I teach her to find her worth in Him, not in the world?  How do I let her know that she truly is a princess…a daughter of the King?  
Mommy and Lindley at Lake Michigan
And I know that all of this is beyond me.  I cannot and will not do it alone.  I will seek the Lord in all that I am to raise this girl of mine.  I will reassure her daily of her beauty, of her worth.  I will pray over her heart and her mind.  I will love her and treasure her and enjoy life with her.

Sweet Girls

Happy 1st Birthday

2010 Family Photos

Hiking with Mommy

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a daughter.  Help me in this raising of her.  Help me to be a Godly example of a woman…of a wife, mother, daughter, friend.  Help me to give her the confidence in who she is that she needs.  Help me to be tender and loving and gentle and wise when it come to my sweet Lindley.
Such a BIG Girl

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Anonymous said...

You are an amazing mom and I believe God speaks through you to be an encourager and teacher to other moms and to your children. We just weren't sure how this "girl thing" was going to fit in your world, but oh my, how excited we were when we found out we could buy bows, and frilly things and pink things and DOLLS. And when a 2 yr old can tell you, it's a happy day, you know you have done something right.LOVE, MOMF