Friday, July 6, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire

At 2:08pm on June 23rd, I received this picture followed by this text from Bri…

"There is a mega big fire like super close."

We continued to get updates throughout the day as we were in Carbondale for a wedding.  I didn't feel too concerned because wildfires are a way of life in the mountains…
they happen, they get put out, life goes on.

But this fire was different.  This fire acted like no other firefighters had fought.  This fire was the "worst fire in Colorado's history."  As of now, it has scorched 18,247 acres, destroyed 346 homes, displaced 23,000 people for a time, and caused 2 deaths.  It is supposed to be 100% contained today. 

 This was a scary fire.

Picture taken off of Vickers Dr.

Dense Smoke…picture taken off of Powers Blvd.

The Front Range on fire...

I love Colorado Springs.  I love the beauty of the land.  
I love the way it is a "big city with a small town feel."  
I love that during this fire, our community came together.  

Pike's Peak Theater - Downtown

A few days ago Noah gave me this picture.  It's our "Purple Mountains Majesty" with a fire and the charred land.  He was paying attention.  He was praying for rain.  He was praying for all affected.  This was a big deal, a scary deal.  But they all saw God's glory in this.  They all saw His hand at work in this.  And hopefully through the events of last week, more people saw His hand in this and turned to Him, turned back to Him, learned to love and trust Him more.

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