Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What She Really Is...

I'm really not exaggerating when I saw she's something else… 

 Like any three year old, she has her great moments and soon after has awfulharddiscouragingmean moments.  But over all, she is…




And quite the little diva…  Lindley had her first haircut back in December.  She loved it.  Miss Hillary {friend from church and one of my absolute favorite artists…check out Hillary Hand on iTunes!} did a great job and Miss Lindley loved the attention.  The process of it all.  The feeling beautiful.  

She's a blessing.  She brings incredible joy to my life daily.  She is most precious.  Most beautiful.  Most caring.  She is mine.  She makes my heart love a little differently than it does with the boys.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

And One of the Princes Turns 5

The fourth year of our sweet Isaac's life was a good one.  When he turned four, he turned sweet.  He turned kind.  He turned into a little guy with a big 'ole heart.  
I'm hoping five is just as good as four to our little one.

We had a small get together tonight to celebrate being five.  Just a few families…a few friends.  
It was nice.  Not overwhelming.  Easy.  

And once again, Michael made an awesome Ninjago cake for the occasion.  
What a special tradition Michael started with Drew's second birthday.

We love you, Isaac.  Your name means "laughter" and I've said it a million times…you live up to your name quite well, little one.  You make us laugh.  You make us smile.  You encourage our hearts in so many ways.  You bless us and we are so glad that God chose us to raise you.  
Happy 5th birthday, sweet boy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Princess Turns Three

"Happy birthday Lindley.  You make me smile Lindley.  It's fun for birthdays." -Noah

Well, the Princess turned three back in November.  She's still a diva.  Still pure trouble.  
Still 100% adorable.  

We had a crowd for this girl.  She chose the friends, we invited the families.   

She even had some of the college guys at her party. *gasp*…and read the package…
"for the prettiest girl in the world"…and notice that smug grin. 
 Trouble, I tell you, trouble.

Michael made her cake…of course.  It's a castle.  It wasn't his favorite, 
but the Princess loved it and ate a lot of icing that night.

She may be three…and we all know that the 'threes' are worse than the 'twos'…but we'll keep her.  

She is blessing.  She is a joy.  She has a sweet, sweet heart.  She is full of joy.  Full of grace.  Full of love.  She is encouraging.  Helpful.  Energetic.  Entertaining.

My favorite thing about her is when she tells me she's happy.  
When I ask her what makes her happy, her response always includes "Baby Jesus."

She's only three…but she is already learning that true happiness and fulfillment come only from the One who created her to be our little Lindley.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blessed Beyond Belief

 Just look at my family.  Their vibrant eyes.  Contagious smile.  Joyful demeanor.  Big hearts. 
I am blessed.

 And my man.  He loves me unconditionally….even on days when I'm barely 
lovable and don't bring much to the table.  
I am blessed.

And my oldest…with his love for Jesus and his love of football.  
With those big blue eyes and his sweet, servants heart.  
I am blessed.

And this boy…man, this boy is special.  I've never known a kid to relate everything 
back to his Jesus the way he does.  It's a gift.  It's a blessing.  
I am blessed.

My third son.  The one whose name means "laughter"...and that boy definitely lives up to his name.  He makes me laugh and smile and his words of encouragement make this heart soar daily.  
I am blessed.


She is three.  Three is a hard age…but my sweet girl has so many good qualities, that the hard ones disappear quite quickly with her abundance of hugs.  Her sly smile.  Her generous heart. 
 I am blessed.

Truly blessed.  

Oh so blessed.

So loved.

So cherished.

Sweet Lord…on the days that are hard, the days that are long, the days when I feel weary…remind me of my many blessings.  Remind me that I am loved and You have surrounded me with people who love me unconditionally and endlessly.  Remind me how my heart feels at this moment.  Amen.