Sunday, January 13, 2013

And One of the Princes Turns 5

The fourth year of our sweet Isaac's life was a good one.  When he turned four, he turned sweet.  He turned kind.  He turned into a little guy with a big 'ole heart.  
I'm hoping five is just as good as four to our little one.

We had a small get together tonight to celebrate being five.  Just a few families…a few friends.  
It was nice.  Not overwhelming.  Easy.  

And once again, Michael made an awesome Ninjago cake for the occasion.  
What a special tradition Michael started with Drew's second birthday.

We love you, Isaac.  Your name means "laughter" and I've said it a million times…you live up to your name quite well, little one.  You make us laugh.  You make us smile.  You encourage our hearts in so many ways.  You bless us and we are so glad that God chose us to raise you.  
Happy 5th birthday, sweet boy.

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Lauren said...

The cutest little Vader I ever did see. OH, and please tell Michael that I am super blown away by all of his cakes. I am 99% sure I will never (ever) try to make anything but a normal cake for any of my children, as I will be afraid that they will somehow happen upon your blog and realize what they have been missing.