Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blessed Beyond Belief

 Just look at my family.  Their vibrant eyes.  Contagious smile.  Joyful demeanor.  Big hearts. 
I am blessed.

 And my man.  He loves me unconditionally….even on days when I'm barely 
lovable and don't bring much to the table.  
I am blessed.

And my oldest…with his love for Jesus and his love of football.  
With those big blue eyes and his sweet, servants heart.  
I am blessed.

And this boy…man, this boy is special.  I've never known a kid to relate everything 
back to his Jesus the way he does.  It's a gift.  It's a blessing.  
I am blessed.

My third son.  The one whose name means "laughter"...and that boy definitely lives up to his name.  He makes me laugh and smile and his words of encouragement make this heart soar daily.  
I am blessed.


She is three.  Three is a hard age…but my sweet girl has so many good qualities, that the hard ones disappear quite quickly with her abundance of hugs.  Her sly smile.  Her generous heart. 
 I am blessed.

Truly blessed.  

Oh so blessed.

So loved.

So cherished.

Sweet Lord…on the days that are hard, the days that are long, the days when I feel weary…remind me of my many blessings.  Remind me that I am loved and You have surrounded me with people who love me unconditionally and endlessly.  Remind me how my heart feels at this moment.  Amen.

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Lee said...

Agreed. Totally blessed. And I'd like a 5X7 vertical of one of those family shots to replace the one on my dresser. I think I may be a few kids back. I love you!