Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Princess Turns Three

"Happy birthday Lindley.  You make me smile Lindley.  It's fun for birthdays." -Noah

Well, the Princess turned three back in November.  She's still a diva.  Still pure trouble.  
Still 100% adorable.  

We had a crowd for this girl.  She chose the friends, we invited the families.   

She even had some of the college guys at her party. *gasp*…and read the package…
"for the prettiest girl in the world"…and notice that smug grin. 
 Trouble, I tell you, trouble.

Michael made her cake…of course.  It's a castle.  It wasn't his favorite, 
but the Princess loved it and ate a lot of icing that night.

She may be three…and we all know that the 'threes' are worse than the 'twos'…but we'll keep her.  

She is blessing.  She is a joy.  She has a sweet, sweet heart.  She is full of joy.  Full of grace.  Full of love.  She is encouraging.  Helpful.  Energetic.  Entertaining.

My favorite thing about her is when she tells me she's happy.  
When I ask her what makes her happy, her response always includes "Baby Jesus."

She's only three…but she is already learning that true happiness and fulfillment come only from the One who created her to be our little Lindley.

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Lauren said...

Ummm, 'Baby Jesus'?! Could she possibly be any cuter... I could just die over the shock of how big they all are. Ok, not reallly die, but you know.