Sunday, December 29, 2013

From Nothing to Something

A few weeks back I was at a friend's house and she had a pretty cute sign in her house that was a symbol of her established family.  So what do I do? I snap a picture of it and recreate it as a symbol in our home.

It all started with a blank canvas. An empty slate. A vessel, ready to be filled and created into something more beautiful.  {This could represent me, you. Ready to be filled up and made more beautiful by the Creator...}

I started with the back layer...the deepest layer. I took that brush, dipped it in the perfect color for a rich, bold sky and spread it as evenly as I could on the no longer empty shell of my creation. {When we let our Creator begin a new work in us, He starts with a solid foundation...spread evenly throughout who we are in that deepest layer of our life.}

Then the real fun began...I painted the knobby tree, added a few colorful leaves, and then carefully added six gray birds, perched by the order of the union of me with my love, then downward with each of our four treasures... {Then the refining process begins...He digs deep and pulls out more beauty than we could ever imagine...and the details are so important to Him...He takes His time and makes sure each aspect of us is as perfect as our human nature can take...}

The Fernihoughs...nested since 1999. Complete with pink bows on the girls.  Fourteen years I have been on this journey with my love. Fourteen years of oh so good and oh so not good...but one thing remains, the Creator created our family. He started with the two of us and went to work in us and through us and so much has come out of our union...

{Thank you, Lord, for nesting us together in You fourteen years ago. Thank you for creating us to be who You want us to be and for using us the way You want to use us. Please continue to work on us until we are to the point of completion, which won't be on this side of Heaven. Amen.}

Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas. Started with our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of monkey bread and egg casserole. After breakfast, we slowly opened our at  time so we could see what each present is and who it is from. Takes awhile, but so worth the wait!

We spent the afternoon enjoying our family and our gifts! Then later, one of our favorite families came over...the Hagers.  The Hagers are forever friends and we have been living life with them for over nine years now. 

I love Christmas. I love the reason for the season. I love Jesus and the hope I have in Him. 

Merry Christmas...from the Fernihoughs!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello Kitty Princess Birthday!

She is FOUR. I still remember the shock of finding out she was growing in me.  And the shock of having a girl after three bouncy baby boys.  And the shock of how different a little girl is than a little boy.

But she is precious. And lovely.  And says the cutest things.

This year she wanted a Hello Kitty Princess birthday party.  She picked her four closest friends {and their siblings!} to come over to celebrate.  She chose to have macaroni and cheese and hotdogs. According to her, the party was perfect.

Girl table!

With her daddy...

We played games…first up, pin the bow on the Hello Kitty!  The boys even joined in for this one!

 The next game involved the girls putting a dab of Vasoline on their noses and transferring cotton balls from one plate to another.  It was hilarious!

After that, the girls had to use a straw to blow a cotton ball across the table.  Aren't they cute?

And of course…the cake.  Michael impresses me with every cake he makes!  
What a fun tradition for our family!

Happy 4th birthday, princess.  You are a blessing to all who know you.  You have an infectious smile and an energy about you that makes all who know you, love you.  

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Little Entrepreneurs

It all started with me asking the boys to shovel our driveway and sidewalk. 

 They did.  

And for some odd reason, they had fun!!!

 And they did a great job!  When they were finished, Noah came in and asked if they could go around to the neighbors and shovel their driveways for $5.  I told them they could try…but don't be disappointed if they weren't hired.  So "The Brothers" took off….

Three of our neighbors in our cul-de-sac hired them on the spot.  
Within an hour, this is their wages for their hard work!

$34 and an unopened can of hot chocolate mix!  Talk about some happy, motivated boys.  I made them come in and thaw for an hour and eat some lunch…and now they are back at it!  Proud of my boys and their commitment to work hard and do a good job!

Lindley desperately wanted to go out and help them, but I decided that you at least have to be five to have a job around here.  After playing hard, she decided it was time to warm up.

Drew's little face was so cold…but even cold, so so so handsome!