Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello Kitty Princess Birthday!

She is FOUR. I still remember the shock of finding out she was growing in me.  And the shock of having a girl after three bouncy baby boys.  And the shock of how different a little girl is than a little boy.

But she is precious. And lovely.  And says the cutest things.

This year she wanted a Hello Kitty Princess birthday party.  She picked her four closest friends {and their siblings!} to come over to celebrate.  She chose to have macaroni and cheese and hotdogs. According to her, the party was perfect.

Girl table!

With her daddy...

We played games…first up, pin the bow on the Hello Kitty!  The boys even joined in for this one!

 The next game involved the girls putting a dab of Vasoline on their noses and transferring cotton balls from one plate to another.  It was hilarious!

After that, the girls had to use a straw to blow a cotton ball across the table.  Aren't they cute?

And of course…the cake.  Michael impresses me with every cake he makes!  
What a fun tradition for our family!

Happy 4th birthday, princess.  You are a blessing to all who know you.  You have an infectious smile and an energy about you that makes all who know you, love you.  

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