Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Year...

Another school year. Time for early bedtimes, phonograms, reading every night, math facts, packing lunches, homework, new friends, new teachers, less laundry (yay uniforms!), and most importantly...it's their time to SHINE!! 

One thing that we have said to our kids hundreds, possibly thousands, of times is to "be a blessing!" in all circumstances, all situations, to all people.

Isaac is now a first grader!! I'm so excited for him. He has been begging for school to start all summer. 

Well, buddy, it's time! Have a blast, and most important, be a blessing!




Noah is now a third grader. Wow! He is so inquisitive and so smart. He is gentle and kind and friends with everyone. 

Have fun, sweet boy.  Thanks for being a good friend to so many and for always being helpful. Keep it up...but most important...be a blessing to those you encounter!

Drew is now in fourth grade. Drew has always been a leader amongst his peers. He is so well-liked and really is looked up to. I love that. 

Use your gifts in a way that glorifies the One who made you this way, my Drew.  Have a great year and most important, be a blessing to your friends, teachers, tutors...to everyone!

Have a great year, my boys!!

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