Monday, August 25, 2014

The People

Forty seven pictures.  

I just looked through my summer trek pictures...thinking I should blog about our incredible summer.  We left here in late June.  Our first leg of the triangular trip was Kansas City to visit my brother and his family.  We had a blast there.  A complete blast.  Swimming. Eating. Talking. 
Watching the kids interact. Just being together.  

What struck me most while looking through my pictures is the people.  The people.  I have incredible people in my life.  Incredible friends.  Incredible mentors.  Incredibly co-workers.  
But I have the most incredible family.

This is what I love.  Time with cousins.  Time with Uncle Andy and Aunt Jaime. 
Meaningful time well spent TOGETHER. 
***The twins were asleep in all of these pictures...haha!!  I was trying to capture group shots.***

The second leg of our trip took us to drop Ruff off.  And here is one of the most important women in my life.  Carol is the mother-in-law you all wish you had.  She is self-less and giving.  She is helpful and loving.  She is kind and and has a heart of gold.  She serves those around her constantly.  She loves the Lord and that love penetrates every fiber of her being.  Most of all, she loves me and she loves our kids.  I am so blessed by her.

From Keller we traveled to Shreveport to be with all of my family.  The Kansas City crew came.  My parents came. It was amazing.  We haven't all been together like that in a very long time.  Too long.  Again, we ate.  We swam.  We watched movies.  We played legos. We laughed. We had fun.  So much fun because we were TOGETHER.  My kids loved being with even more cousins.  And with Uncle Matt and Aunt Lynnell.  They loved their house, their theater room, their pool!

This picture is one of my absolute favorites from the trip.  My parents with all of their grandchildren!  What a all be TOGETHER for a few days.  I hope we do this often.

 Once we left Shreveport, we headed back to DFW for weeks of fun.  Again...swimming, games, lego, laughing, eating...all TOGETHER.  My parents are amazing.  They love my kids and shower them with love and affection the entire time.  They go above and beyond to make them feel show them who they are and how they love them.  I love staying there and just being there and showing my kids my old stomping grounds.

More people.  These girls are some of my forever friends.  I go way back with these girls...way back.  And I love that they are still in my life.

Our trip was amazing.  Like I said, I have forty seven pictures I *want* to share.  They show of our adventures. :)  But today I wanted to take the time to focus on the people.  
Because they are what matter most.

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