Monday, January 11, 2016

Skiing Family

A few years back we went skiing with friends.  It was marvelous.  We had a little, cozy cabin with our two families.  We learned to ski. We played games.  We talked.  We shared meals.  We just had fun.  And that trip ignited something in our family…we wanted to be a skiing family.

Fast forward to this year.  For the first time ever, all four kids received a free ski pass…it was offered to all school age kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade…and all four of our kiddos fall into that range for this year only.  We jumped on it.  And Michael and I bought passes to match.

Our first adventure was to Breckenridge.  It was a disaster.  We assumed the kids would remember all they learned from the first ski trip…but they did not.  At all.  Noah flew down the mountain with zero control.  He ended up falling into the safety fence at the bottom.  Drew had zero confidence.  And also had zero control.  He quit after the second run.  Isaac and Lindley were a mess.  A mess.  I was frustrated. Michael was frustrated…but held his cool much better than me.  Isaac and Lindley received a free pity lesson from the amazing staff at Breckenridge.  I don't know if it was really to teach them, or to take them off our hands so we could cool down. :)  Whichever, I'm extremely grateful.  That trip was pretty much a disaster, but it taught us we ALL needed more ski school.

Our second adventure was to Cooper.  We all had lessons:  the kids were there all day; we were there half day.  It was perfect.  Small mountain, great powder, awesome instructors, no crowds.  We all learned.  We all learned great technique, form, and control.  It was amazing. 

Which brings us to our third adventure.  Keystone.  Best trip yet.  The kids were so excited to get to the mountain.  So were we.  And then to watch them go!  So much fun.  We started on the bunny hill, just to refresh.  Then we hit the greens.  Isaac got the award for most improved.  Noah had amazing speed and control…no falling into fences.  Drew is gaining great confidence and has amazing form.  And sweet Lindley.  When she isn't checking on fallen snowboarders, she is just skiing her little heart out down the mountain.  

{Let the adventure begin…}

{We got helmets!!!}

{Isn't Keystone breathtaking?!}

{Family Selfie…}

I no longer have to help fallen kids up.  I no longer fear the chair lift…for my kids or myself.  I no longer have to give pep talks to build confidence to get down the mountain…for kids or myself.  

We are a skiing family.  And it is so much fun!  We can't wait to go again in a few weeks!

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Andy said...

My favorite thing to do! Skiing is so much fun with friends and family!