Friday, February 26, 2016

LuLaRoe Love = Lula Addict

Fashion + Mandy = Nonexistence…

However, that has greatly changed in the last 15 months!  Last fall I was invited to my first ever LuLaRoe Pop-up Boutique.  Oh man, is this the way to shop!!!  

First of all, to shop in the comfort of a friend's home is so enticing.  Normal lighting (not bright dressing room fluorescent), drink in hand, and a table full of snacks…oh, and a bunch of friends telling you "yay" or "nay"…

After that party, I was hooked.  Hook, line, and sinker.  Let me tell you why…

It's cute.  I now wear LuLaRoe pretty much every day.  And every day {unless I don't leave the house} someone compliments my outfit.  Now until I started wearing LuLaRoe, I was rarely complimented on my attire.  Those of you who know me know that I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal…which I still love, but that combination does not bring in the compliments.

It's comfortable.  I will choose comfort over cute any day.  Every day.  With LuLaRoe, you get both.  The leggings are made of the softest material.  Pure bliss.  Oh, and all waistbands are elastic. :)

It's a fun way to shop.  I hate shopping.  Hate. Hate. Hate.  Ask my mom, she can tell you how miserable of a shopper I am.  However, I love to shop LuLaRoe.  I think what makes it so great is the encouragement from others.  Being in a room full of women and encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and try on something I wouldn't usually even look at.  The safety there.  

LuLaRoe is a confidence builder.  It is a wardrobe expander.  It is a step out and try something new, something different kind of clothing.  It is an addiction.  It is a Lula Love!

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