Our Family

This is us.  This is absolutely the love of my life.  This is the man I promised 14 years ago that I would be his forever.  And I have never once regretted it.  He makes my heart pound like no other.  He makes me feel safe and protects me in every way...times when my heart is fragile, times when I face confrontation, from the mistakes I make...he comes behind me and makes everything okay.  He has showed me so much about Christ in the way he selflessly loves and adores me.  I'm so grateful for this man.

Drew is our firstborn.  Our oldest of four.  He is the one who made us parents...made me a mom.  He taught me that it is so easy to love someone more than I love myself.  He also taught me how hard it must have been for God to give us Jesus.  Drew is who we practiced all the parenting skills we didn't have on...our little experiment in this whole parenting realm.  I'm so thankful that he is our first, the one the others look up to, because he is so wise and so loving and so tender.

{To be continued...}